Nicole Acosta


Nicole Acosta, M.S.


Nicole Acosta is a Marriage Family Therapist Intern (CA#: IMF70111), practicing under the supervision of Dr. Jaseon Outlaw (PSY23676). She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education with a concentration in Community Based Public Health from San Francisco State University. She received a degree from the University of Phoenix in the Master’s of Science Counseling, Marriage Family Child Therapy.

Her specialty is empowering individuals, families, and groups to prevent and alleviate crisis, change, or stress. Nicole has an interactive strength-based therapeutic approach and practices relational psychotherapy that allows individuals to function more effectively to experience a more satisfying quality of life.

In addition to her clinical work, Nicole has worked with non-profit organizations that have partnered with Alameda County social services agency serving children, youth and families within the departments of the juvenile justice system, foster-care system, CalWorks, and Cal-Learn.  Her passion for social justice, led her to other area of interests including trauma, multi-generational families, and understanding an individual’s relational attachment style with regards to their partner. Nicole enjoys helping people understand their own specific relational pattern of behavior and ongoing challenges within their current conflicted relationship.  As a marriage family therapist, Nicole assists individuals to conceptualize their own attachment style to better understand one’s self and experience a healthier relationship.

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