Dr. Zaher Krayem


Dr. Zaher Krayem, Psy.D

Dr. Zaher Krayem, Psy.D is a licensed marriage and family therapist (79761) and holds a doctorate degree in psychology. He received his doctoral training at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, working with adolescents and adults both individually and in group settings. Dr. Zaher Krayem, Psy.D has worked in various settings throughout the past 10 years ranging from college/university settings, secondary school settings, as well as in community mental health. Dr. Zaher Krayem, Psy.D dedicates himself to cultivating quality relationships with his clients and works very hard to establish a trusting, warm relationship from the onset of treatment. He is experienced at supporting clients gain more clarity about their journey/purpose, gain increased awareness of their values and goals, and make sense of their challenging life events.

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Phone: 510-698-2330
Email: drkrayem@journeyoflifecounseling.com