Counseling Services

We provide the following services:

Sliding Scale Fees are available for those with unique financial situations. Income documentation is required to qualify for sliding scale fees.

Telemental Health

Technology is now used for mental health services. At Journey of Life Counseling and Assessment Services, telemental health is therapy services provided via a secured internet connection (Skype is the current platform used that meets security requirements). At this time, individual therapy, couple’s/marital therapy, and crisis management services are the treatment modalities provided via telemental health.

Psychologist Telemental Health Session: $100
Psychological Assistant Telemental Health Session:  $75
MFTI Telemental Health Session: $50

Note: Only those who reside in the state of California may choose telemental health.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy sessions are 50-minutes in duration and are one-on-one with a psychologist or MFTI.

Psychologist Individual Session: $150
Psychological Assistant Individual Session:  $125
MFTI Individual Session: $75

Couple’s/Marital Therapy

Couple’s/Marital Therapy sessions are 50-minutes in duration and is triadic in nature. Couple’s/Marital Therapy begins with two individual sessions, one with each partner to better understand each partner’s perspective before conjoining therapy commences.

Psychologist Couple’s Session: $175
Psychological Assistant Couple’s Session:  $150
MFTI Couple’s Session: $100

Group Therapy

Group Therapy sessions are 75-minutes and include up to 8 other clients, experiences similar concerns. Group Therapy at Journey of Life is both psychoeducational and process oriented. Group sessions are also considered more cost effective for clients who self-pay.

Group Sessions are $40

Couple’s Drop-In Group

Open enrollment. Next group TBD (group runs 4 sessions) and is open to the first 4 couples to register. Cost is $120/couple.

Adolescent Process Group

Open enrollment. Next group TBD (group runs 8 sessions) and is open to the first 8 adolescents to register. Cost is $240.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy sessions are 50-minutes in duration with participating members of the family. It is important that the family commit to attending all scheduled sessions for treatment to have an effect.

Psychologist Family Session: $175
Psychological Assistant Family Session $150
MFTI Family Session: $100